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  Press Release

     March 28, 2000


CHICAGO, Ill. -- Mar. 28, 2000 The beginning of the end of chasing all over the country for attorneys participating in legal depositions began yesterday as Chicago-based I-DEP, LLC successfully facilitated the first live on-line legal deposition in history.

Chicago attorneys located at the I-DEP Chicago office participated via the Internet in deposing a physician located in Las Vegas. I-DEP beta v1.0 allowed the Chicago lawyers to watch and listen to the questioning of the witness by their co-counsel, who was on-site in Las Vegas. They were also able to send private electronic messages to their colleague as the deposition proceeded.

"It was amazing to be able to see and hear the witness being deposed and be able to privately communicate with my colleague," said one of the participating Chicago attorneys. "In the past, we would have wasted two days of traveling to participate in this deposition."

Other options would include a telephone hook-up, which does not allow the out-of-town attorneys to see the individual being deposed or allow for transmitting private messages. Video conferencing is prohibitively expensive and requires participants to be tied to immobile equipment, unlike I-DEP, which only requires a laptop PC and an Internet connection. Most importantly, I-DEP will allow attorneys to save time by freeing them from the burden of physically traveling from deposition to deposition all over the country.

In addition, the Chicago-based attorneys were able to provide twice the input to their colleague in Las Vegas with half the disruption.

"I would have never been able to make as many suggestions as I did today if I had been there in person," one attorney said. "I-DEP allowed me to discreetly and unobtrusively make suggestions to our lead attorney in Las Vegas with a minimum of distractions."

"Based on this successful Internet deposition, we anticipate using I-DEP's post-deposition services (Depositions on DemandSM) to help us prepare for trial," he said.

About I-DEP, LLC:

I-DEP, LLC (www.i-dep.com) is the provider of the world's first Internet browser-based complete deposition service solution. I-DEP is Chicago-based and will launch publicly at the American Bar Association TECHSHOW2000 on March 30, 2000. I-DEP is beta testing v1.0 and is working to bring v1.0 to market in May 2000. The first live beta v1.0 deposition took place on March 27, 2000 between Las Vegas and Chicago. I-DEP was founded by Jay M. Jackson and Julie J. Furer. I-DEP is in first-stage financing and privately funded. I-DEP, LLC is located at 1017 W. Washington Blvd., Suite 6F, Chicago, IL 60067. 1-800-498-I-DEP. If you can surf the net, you can make your next deposition an I-DEP deposition.

NOTE: I-DEP and the I-DEP logo are trademarks of I-DEP, LLC. All trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

CONTACT: Chris Ganschow of Serafin & Associates, Inc., 312/943-1955 or 708/822-0749 or chris.ganschow@serafin.com, for I-DEP, LLC.

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