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    I-DEPR Press Release

October 15, 2001

I-DEP Internet Depositions Come to Kansas City
Independence Court Reporting Firm Now Offering I-DEP Service

(Oct. 15, 2001, Independence, MO) -- Cross Reporting Service is the first Kansas City- area court reporting firm to offer an Internet deposition service provided by Chicago- based I-DEP. Through the service, attorneys can now attend, monitor or even take a deposition live from any location with only a personal computer and an Internet connection.

Jim Leacock, owner of the court reporting firm, said Internet depositions can make life a lot easier for today's busy, travel-weary attorneys who face increasing pressure to hold the bottom line.

"We're excited that our firm is among the first in the nation to offer attorneys the advantage of this kind of leading-edge legal technology," Mr. Leacock said. "Our attorneys will be happy because I-DEP saves them time, their clients will be happy because I-DEP saves them money -- it's a favorable situation any way you look at it."

I-DEP provides live video, two-way audio, realtime court reporter transcript and private messaging to any Internet-enabled computer. Internet depositions can help Missouri law firms and their clients save thousands of dollars in travel costs and avoid scheduling conflicts by handling litigation procedures online, with all or some parties participating remotely. This constant collaboration with colleagues, experts or clients at multiple locations -- as well as the discreet "instant chat" feature -- offers not only competitive, but tactical advantages for attorneys.

No special hardware or software is required to participate in an I-DEP Internet deposition. Law firms simply call I-DEP or an I-DEP-certified court reporting firm such as Cross Reporting Services, which takes care of all the technical details -- including bringing the I-DEP field kit and setting it up at the deposition site.

"Forging alliances with the nation's premier court reporting firms is a key part of I-DEP's ability to offer anywhere-anytime Internet depositions," said I-DEP CEO Jay Jackson. "I like to talk about how I-DEP will advance the legal profession into the technology age, which I believe it will help do. That's why this alliance is such a good fit for us: Cross Reporting is no stranger to technology and has been working to bring computerization to depositions for the past 15 years. By offering a tool such as I-DEP, Cross will help free hundreds of attorneys from endless travel for depositions -- and save companies legal costs."

"Business Week magazine has suggested that within five years, as many as half of all depositions will be conducted electronically," Mr. Jackson added.

"We're proud to be an early provider of Internet depositions and are encouraging all of our clients to consider the many ways this technology can make their lives easier," Mr. Leacock said.

For more information on I-DEP Internet deposition services, contact Cross Reporting Service at (816) 252-8883.

About I-DEP
I-DEP developed the first fully integrated, live, streaming media Web-based deposition service that allows lawyers to participate from any Internet-enabled computer with no special hardware or software to buy, install or learn. I-DEP was founded by Jay M. Jackson, an Internet developer and marketer, and Julie J. Furer, an attorney at Chicago's Schiff Hardin & Waite. For more information, please contact I-DEP at (800) 498-I-DEP, info@i-dep.com or visit www.i-dep.com.

I-DEP and the I-DEP logo are trademarks of I-DEP LLC. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are held by their respective companies.

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