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May - June 2001

Resources and Tools to Help Paralegals Stay Ahead of the Technocurve
(10 Top Technologies for 2001)


In a tight economy, we are all expected to do more with less. How silly is that? You don't have to think about it for long to realize you only can do less with less. Still, legal assistants are expected to accomplish more in less time and with fewer resources. Since your resources are fixed or in some cases even shrinking, the only way to increase productivity is to find better ways to do what you do.

Many paralegals organize case documents, fact-find, investigate, research, manage cases and hopefully keep themselves organized in the process. This year's top technology article is intended to point you to tools that will help you perform those functions more effectively. You might even find you are indeed doing more with less.

Many firms are looking for ways to reduce time and travel costs associated with attending depositions.

When it's important for your client, colleague, or expert witness to attend a deposition, I-DEP (www.i-dep.com), an Internet deposition solution, is the perfect answer.

Through your Internet browser and a computer, lawyers can participate in a deposition occurring miles away without leaving their desk, home or a hotel room. The I-DEP service provides live video, two-way audio, court reporter transcript, and built-in, private messaging without any special software or equipment.

Cost for the I-DEP service is reasonable, compared to travel costs and unproductive time that usually occurs when traveling to an out-of-town deposition. The I-DEP system especially benefits small firms, where an out-of-town deposition cuts a two-lawyer firm's productivity in half.

Currently, there are certified I-DEP court reporters throughout the United States. If a certified court reporting service isn't available, I-DEP will send the hardware or software to the deposition site.

I-DEP also offers Depositions on DemandSM, which provides access to a deposition over the Internet after the deposition has been taken.

The most recent version of I-DEP, version 2.0, offers video and transcript synchronization during the live deposition at no additional charge. This synchronized version of the deposition is being formatted to work with popular trial presentation software packages.

Note: Other products and services highlighted in the article include Summation iBlaze, CaseMap 3 and TimeMap, Legal Access Ware, Microsoft Visio 2000, Westlaw and Lexis-Nexis, FindLaw, eAccess, and DepoNet. The authors also surveyed a wide range of wireless devices of interest to paralegal professionals.

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