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April 2000

Vol. 18; No. 1; Pg. 8

New York Law Publishing Co.

* Case Management Software: Datadex Inc. (http://www. legalmate.com) has released LegalMate 3.15, the latest version of its law office case management software based on Filemaker Pro. It integrates contact management, rules-based calendaring, telephone and document logs, case management, timekeeping, billing and accounting functions. The product is combatible with Windows, Macintosh and Palm operating systems.

* Internet Depositions: I-DEP, LLC (http://www.i-dep.com) has launched a beta version of the first Internet browser-based deposition service that will provide live video and two-way audio. Lawyers will be able to take or attend depositions as they happen from anywhere to anywhere on any laptop or desktop PC via a secure Internet connection. I-DEP is partnering with national court reporting firms to deliver the service. The product is expected to be released in May, 2000.

* Litigation Support Software: DecisionQuest's CaseSoft division (http://www.casesoft.com) has announced the release of TimeMap, which helps lawyers produce visuals for use during hearing and trials. Users can create timeline graphs by entering information directly or importing it from

* Practice Tools: Blumberg Excelsior (http://www.blumberg. com) has released Blankrupter 2.4 and Blankrupter Singles 2.4 (a single case Web-based version). The software produces all current Official Forms for bankrutpcy filings in Chapters 7, 11 and 13. New features include automated state, federal and nonbankruptcy exemptions.

* Best Case Bankruptcy for Windows 8.0 (http://www. bestcase.com)now includes a spell check feature; more keyboard shortcuts to speed data entry; an improved creditor import/export feature; an "AddressFill List" for quick access to the common creditor list; and other new enhancements.

* Time & Billing: Sages U.S. Holidngs Inc. (http://www. timeslips.com) is now shipping Timeslips 10, as well as announcing the launch of its first Internet-based service. Version 10 offers time and expense services that allow for the creation of customized bills. Users can also generate management reports to support budget and accounting processes. A new "Bank Deposit Slip" function has been added for better payment tracking. As part of that feature, a new "General Ledger" transfer to multiple accounts receivable functions has been added. Customers can identify a particular bank as a recipient of a check.

Timeslips eCenter has been created to help users combine the convenience of the Internet with Timeslips features. The password-protected program allows users to track time and expenses on any computer that has Internet access, regardless of whether the computer is loaded with the Timeslips software. This allows firms to track time and expenses remotely for an unlimited number of timekeepers. Users can then create customized invoices rather than use a "one size fits all" format offered by some Web-based programs.

* Web Works: ClaimResolver is an online settlement forum, designed for insurers, laywers and others involved in claims resolution. After logging on, plaintiffs and defendants submit demands and counteroffers. When the systems identifies an agreement, a financial settlement is determined.

* DocumentForum.com has launched LegalForum, a real-time Web-based collaboration tool that helps lawyers write, edit, approve and track documents. It offers authentication and digital signature technology, session tracking, billing, archiving and integrated teleconferencing.

* Legalex Rules (http://www. legalex.com) has created the Legalex ListServer, designed for attorneys who use the Legalex Rules calendaring service. The listserv (an e-mail-based discussion group) allows users to communicate with other users.

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